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Half model boat replica gifts and trophies

We build half models of yachts
and launches that can be ordered online here
We can make a replica model of your boat that you can hang on the wall of your lounge or
even inside your boat.

Half models are custom made and hand crafted
and emphasizes the unique hull shape of your boat. The half model will be painted in a gloss finish and will match the original boat's colour scheme.

We do need a copy of the lines drawing of your craft, along with photos to make the model identical, or we can do our best with a sketch, photos, scantlings, or if necessary, we could make arrangements to view the craft.

Half models are individually shaped out of solid wood and are mounted on solid varnished NZ Kauri. All timber is epoxy resin coated that results in a stable and long lasting product.

The mounting will have a brass plaque with the boat's name, designer and scantlings inscribed on it.

The average size of your mounted model will be around 600mm x 200mm however you can choose your own dimension.

Please send us a completed design form and we will be able to inform you when your customized half model can be delivered or contact us now.

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